RUMPUS ROOM:Gianni Mimmo/Luca Collivasone

E’ stato appena rilasciato da Amirani Records il lavoro nato dalla collaborazione tra me ed il sassofonista Gianni Mimmo.Il lavoro consiste di otto tracce di composizione istantanea ed improvvisazione, io al cacophonator e Gianni Mimmo al sax soprano.

An intriguing chemistry sorting out from a risky collaboration between two musicians whose background, derivations, and declinations may suggest weird outputs. Rumpus Room is a fantastic album that delivers multifaceted sound tales, dystopic meditations and unusual form investigations.

A chamberish flavor enhances the contemplative attitude of this music, kind of thrilling Tableaux Vivants, layering surprising perspectives thanks to a thoughtful dialogue between Gianni Mimmo’s soprano saxophone and the effervescent soundscape generator, the self-built Cacophonator, invented and operated by Luca Collivasone.

A great album setting these two artists respective paths in a new, fresher, revealing light.
Don’t miss this one!

Have your day sound-tracked by the vibes of the Rumpus Room!

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Luca Collivasone _ cacophonator
Gianni Mimmo _ soprano saxophone

Music by Luca Collivasone & Gianni Mimmo
Recorded in different sessions at L# studio in Pavia, Italy between September 2018 and August 2019.
Sound engineering, recording, mixing _ Luca Collivasone
Mastering _ Maurizio Giannotti, New Mastering Studio, Milano, Italy
Cover artwork _   Yoshihara Jiro “Work” (detail) circa 1971, gouache on paper
Liner Note by Mark (The Sunday Experience/Losing Today)
Photo _ Luca Milite
Graphics _ Nicola Guazzaloca
Production _ Luca Collivasone and Gianni Mimmo for Amirani Records

The 180 gr. Vinyl LP version of this album is available on in a 100 hand-numbered copies limited edition.