Lovexpress “the million year girl” fhr005 LP-cd-2020
Amirani Rec. LP- cd 2020. Music by Luca Collivasone & Gianni Mimmo
Recorded in different sessions at L# studio in Pavia, Italy between September 2018 and August 2019
Cinematic Cut Scenes and Episodes in Music-fhr006d-2019
“Vostra signora Del rumore rosa”-nove composizioni per cacophonator- fhr004-2018

L♥XP⥌⥌ LP “stars” furry heart records 2017
Do. Looksharp EP “Tongues Pong”
furry heart records
Doc. Looksharp LP “cacophonorgy” furry heart records
L.L.Looksharp EP “houseworks”
Cranio LP- furry heart records 2014
Doc. Looksharp EP “a song needs more than one killing”
Maciste Cd-Devils Ruin Records-2010
Stiletto “The Wrong Music for the right People” CD2007
Aus decline “retrospettiva”-CD
Aus Decline appear in this compilation with one track-“first relation” LP by Mask Peroduction